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Dental Bridge Hood River

Dental Bridges from Bruce Burton DMD Hood RiverLosing teeth can be hard to deal with. Everything becomes more difficult. It’s more difficult to chew food properly. It is more difficult to speak properly. It can easily turn into a source of embarrassment when you can’t count on your smile. Dental bridges have the ability to give you your smile back. They can also give you back much of the function of your natural teeth. Bruce Burton DMD now offers patients the life changing and cost effective option of dental bridges to the Hood River area.

What is a dental bridge?

Picture your mouth with a few teeth missing, all in a row. A dental bridge does exactly what the name implies by bridging the gap left by extracted teeth in your mouth. It is not a removable device like dentures. Rather, a dental bridge is anchored in your mouth permanently, either by your natural teeth, or dental implants.

The bridge will help you to chew your food, speak properly, and will look just like your real teeth. Further, they are very cost effective when compared with similar procedures.

Why dental bridges?

Frequently, people will have teeth removed due to trauma or decay with no plan to have them replaced, believing that it is the cheapest option available. Initially, on paper, it is the cheapest option. However, once the costs of losing a tooth is factored in it always turns out to be extremely expensive not to replace it.

When you lose a tooth a few things happen. First, the teeth on either side of the lost tooth begin to encroach on the void left by the extracted tooth. Once these teeth move the teeth next to them shift as well. Eventually your teeth move enough to change the way the teeth on your top and bottom jaws matchup. This changes your bite and can lead to jaw fatigue, tooth chipping, and eventually tooth loss.

By replacing a lost tooth with a dental bridge the teeth are held in place. Movement is minimal and you get your smile back!

The Procedure

Dental bridges take at least two visits to place. The first visit involves us taking detailed measurements and impressions of the area we need to fill with the bridge. We will also sculpt your teeth slightly to ensure they are able to anchor the bridge. We will send the measurements we take to a dental lab to be crafted to fit your mouth precisely in shape and color. Before you go, we will affix a temporary bridge.

We will have received your bridge back from the lab a few weeks after the first visit. You will come in a second time and we will remove the temporary bridge and place the permanent.

Besides getting the form and function of your teeth back for a great price, dental bridges provide the added benefit of being a long lasting dental fixture. Thy can easily last for ten to fifteen years with proper upkeep.

Please give us a call today at (541) 386-2020 to schedule your appointment. We are more than happy to go over tooth replacement options with you to see what works best.

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