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Fluoride Treatment

A woman receiving Fluoride Treatment in Hood RiverThe teeth are incredibly strong. In fact, they are the hardest substance in your body. However, they are put through a lot, including being subjected to acids from both plaque and bacteria as well as foods and drinks. One of the elements that help to protect your teeth from acids is fluoride. This naturally occurring element is lost on a daily basis through a process called demineralization. It can also be replaced in a variety of different ways from treated tap water to fluoridated oral care products. However, for some individuals, these sources of fluoride are not enough. At Bruce Burton, DMD, we can help you to further protect your teeth with professional fluoride treatments.

What Does Fluoride Do?

Throughout the course of the day, your teeth are subjected to a variety of different acids. This includes not only acidic foods and beverages but the acids from plaque and oral bacteria. Plaque is the sticky substance that collects on the surfaces of your teeth that is naturally acidic. Oral bacteria consume the sugars that linger in your mouth after eating and produce acids. All of these acids, when left on the surfaces of the teeth for too long, begin to erode the enamel, causing weak spots. Eventually, small pits, called cavities, form. Fluoride works to remineralize the teeth. It interacts with the components that make up your tooth enamel to make it more resistant to decay. It can also reverse the earliest stages of tooth decay before a cavity forms.

Risk Factors for Tooth Decay

There are numerous factors that can increase your risk of developing tooth decay and cavities. These risk factors include:
•  Being lax in your oral care routine, or skipping components altogether.
•  Having crooked teeth. Crooked teeth are often harder to clean, and can provide ideal hiding places for plaque and bacteria.
•  Your gums are receding, exposing more surface area of your teeth.
•  Certain lifestyle habits including smoking and drinking.
•  Suffering from dry mouth. A dry mouth provides an ideal environment for fostering bacterial growth.

Fast, Painless Treatment

Fluoride treatments are fast, simple, and completely pain-free. They are typically done at the end of your dental cleaning, but they can be done at any time. After the teeth are cleaned, a fluoride gel is applied to all surfaces of your teeth. This process only takes a few minutes to complete. Then you are finished. You do not need to rinse your mouth or remove the gel in any way. The fluoride in the gel absorbs directly into your enamel and goes straight to work remineralizing your teeth. For treatment to be effective, we do recommend that you avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 30 minutes.

Is Fluoride Only for Kids?

It is a common misconception that fluoride treatments are only for kids. While these treatments are beneficial for younger individuals, as they are often more prone to developing cavities than adults, fluoride is not just for them. Fluoride treatments offer the same benefits to adults that it offers to kids. If you are prone to cavities, fluoride treatment may just be the solution for you, no matter what your age.
With sufficient fluoride, your teeth can better fend against the acid attacks they are exposed to every day. Used in combination with a regular oral care routine, you can actively prevent the formation of tooth decay and cavities. Call Bruce Burton, DMD, today for more information and to find out if fluoride treatments are right for you at (541) 386-2020.

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