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Tooth Extraction Hood River, OR

A tooth that has been broken or that is damaged by decay must be repaired or removed. If you have a tooth that is damaged due to decay or that is fractured, we will take every plausible measure to repair the tooth using either a filling, a crown or some other dental treatment. However, in some cases, a tooth may be too damaged to repair, in which case it becomes necessary to remove (or extract) the tooth from its socket within the bone.

When Is an extraction necessary?

As previously mentioned, a tooth that is too damaged by either decay or a trauma to be repairs using a variety of dental treatments will require extraction. Additionally, a tooth that has been loosened (for whatever reason) will also have to be removed.

Here are some other reasons why we might have to perform a dental extraction:

A tooth after extraction in Hood River, OR
•  If a baby tooth does not fall out in time to make room for a permanent tooth an extraction may be necessary.
•  If teeth are so crowded that there is not an adequate amount of space for erupting teeth to come in then an extraction may be necessary.
•  If braces are being placed and there is not enough room for adjustment an extraction may be necessary.
•  Individuals taking some types of cancer drugs may require an extraction because the drugs suppress the immune system and can lead to infections of the teeth.
•  Individuals who are undergoing radiation may require extraction in the field of the radiation.
•  Individuals who have had an organ transplant may require extraction of infected teeth due to the drugs they are taking.
•  Wisdom teeth (or the third molars) sometimes require extraction if they become impacted and are unable to erupt for whatever reason.

Types of Dental Extractions

There are two types of dental extractions:

•  A surgical extraction: A surgical extraction is the more complex type of extraction of the two. Surgical extractions are used if a tooth fails to erupt or if a tooth has been broken off at the gum line. During a surgical extraction the surgeon will make a small incision where he will go in and surgically remove the tooth from the socket in the bone.
•  A simple extraction: Simple extractions are performed on teeth that are visible to the naked eye, meaning those that we can see in the mouth. For a simple extraction we will loosen the tooth with a special instrument known as an elevator. Once the tooth is loosened, we will use forceps to remove the tooth.

What to Expect

You can expect that if you have to have a tooth removed, either surgically or simply, anesthesia will be administered. Whether it is local or general will depend on the complexity of the situation. You can expect that we or oral surgeon will give you strict instructions on how to prepare for the extraction and how to care for the site once the tooth is out to prevent infection. Be sure to carefully follow any and all of our instructions and ask any remaining questions prior to leaving the office after the procedure is complete.

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